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Property Management Tips and News

Managing the Three Main Types of Tenants

Rental property management arlington

Don't let unpleasant tenants ruin your property. Let HB Property Management Arlington help you.

When you rent a house or apartment to a new tenant, you hope that the person will treat the rental with care. Unfortunately, though, and no matter how thoroughly you screen individuals, some will turn out to be homewreckers. Literally.

The ideal tenant is someone who communicates problems to you when they happen. For example, if a faucet or appliance needs to be repaired or replaced within the home, that tenant will say so. He or she will also maintain the exterior of the house or apartment to keep trash and other debris from accumulating.

Then there’s the tenant who will turn your property into a dirty mess. That person will cause you endless aggravation since you can’t evict a renter simply for being a pig and inviting ants and roaches into the house. If there’s no immediate threat to health and safety, the lease protects the tenant.

The worst kind of tenant, though, is the one who willfully breaks fixtures and appliances or does serious structural damage to your rental property. The good news is that you can evict the person on the grounds that he or she  is decreasing the value of your property. But—and not unlike the dirty tenant—this person will cost you plenty in terms of time, money and stress.

This is why you need the services of the real estate professionals at Herman Boswell Property Management.  Not only do we check out all the individuals to whom we rent, we also monitor the actual property that gets rented to make sure the tenant is treating it with the proper care. When you work with our team, you’ll always be assured that your property is in experienced hands: we do the managing so you don’t have to.

Call Herman Boswell Property Management in Arlington at (817) 274-1800.

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