Four Common Mistakes In Hiring A Property Management Company

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Most real estate owners have had problems with taking care of their property at one point or another. Handling one’s personal home is a difficult task that requires a substantial amount of time. That said, the responsibility, stress, and effort required for the task increases exponentially if a person becomes the owner of more than […]

When to Consider Property Management for Your Rental Properties

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If own a rental property but do not engage a property manager, you might want to look over a few points so see if you could benefit from such service. It could be that your valuable time is being taken up administrating your properties or that you are having difficulty handling problems that you never […]

Dealing with Mold Property Management Complaints from Tenants

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If you own and manage rental properties, you need to know that the presence of mold can put you at risk of litigation. In the last decade,tenants across the country have won hefty settlements from landlords for health problems – such as nausea, asthma, rashes and chronic fatigue – allegedly caused by exposure to toxic […]

Marketing Your Rental Property the Right Way

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When it comes to marketing your rental property, you have a lot of choices–almost too many. You can put an ad in the local newspaper, list the property with a home finding agency and/or put up a sign in the front yard.  And that doesn’t even include your online options. It all depends on who […]

Four Mistakes to Avoid with a Real Estate Property Management Company in Arlington Tx

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In these times of economic uncertainty, an investor needs to make sure that the returns on an investment are maximized. No investment should be earning less than its potential and this is especially the case for real estate. You may be the owner of an apartment or an apartment complex, a stand-alone home or many […]