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Herman Boswell Property Management is here to be of assistance with all your leasing or property management needs.  For leasing information, please visit us at  If you are the owner of an investment property, and would like to speak with one of our agents to learn how we can be of assistance with all your property management needs.  Visit our Realtor section and get in touch with one of our agents today!  As a part of our property management services, we handle all aspect of the management of your property.  Which includes:  leasing, renewals, maintenance, evictions, safety inspections, marketing and more.  No question is a bad question, so get in touch to learn how simple of a process it is, to allocate Herman Boswell Property Management as your property management firm.  Get in touch today, and let us help you to successfully management your property.

11 06, 2017

Evicting Deadbeat Tenants

Evicting Deadbeat Tenants   Most tenants will maintain your rental property to a reasonable degree, follow the rules outlined in their lease and pay their rent on time each [...]

7 06, 2017


5 EFFECTIVE LATE FEE STRATEGIES   Late fees are an important part of any property management business.  That’s why it’s important that you make it clear when rent due [...]

6 06, 2017


MANAGING TENANTS WITH DISABILITIES   Disabled tenants present special challenges.  You can’t treat them differently from able-bodied renters.  At the same time, though, you may need to make special [...]

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